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Where my money

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1 Where my money on Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:19 pm

Camera opens up following Ghetto Blaster around the arena. Ghetto walks up to a group of security guards standing around drinking coffee. Ghetto walks up to them and guards one of the guards.

GB: Hello i think you owe me some money.

Guard: Heyy yea I do. but I don't have it we don't get paid til after friday.

GB: That's not my problem but I'm a understanding man everyone not as rich as me. I'll just see you friday and don't make me come looking for you.

Guard: Thanks man you and the Mafia get a bad rap.

GB: Its ok see you friday

Ghetto starts to walk away as the guard going back to talking. Ghetto grabs a lead pipe from the production truck and comes back to the guard. Ghetto swings the pipe and connects with the guard's head and ghetto start beating the life outta of the guard kicking and stomping him. Ghetto picks up the guard and connects with the Ghetto Blaster then picks up the then connects with a powerbomb through a table then pulls out his gun and holds it to the guards head.

Guard: Please don't!!!! I'm have the money on friday.

GB: I know this just a sample of whats going to happen if you don't pay up. have a nice day.

Ghetto walks aways as the EMTS rushs to the security guard who is crying in pain on the floor as the camera fades out

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