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A Golden Opportunity

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1 A Golden Opportunity on Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:43 am

The shot opens once again in the dingiest room of the ATW Industrial Complex. It's slightly less dank and dirty than the last time it was seen and more closely resembles a passable training facility. Adam Nedman, wearing only a pair of loose fitting shorts and with his hands and feet taped up, is in one of the corners, in sparring practice with a wooden sparring dummy.

Disembodied Voice: A golden opportunity is nigh, Oncoming Storm.

Nedman stops sparring, takes a couple of slow, deep breaths and then rests his head upon the dummy.

Nedman: Not so cryptic this time, are you?

Disembodied Voice: The purpose of these messages is not to confound you, Oncoming Storm. Merely to guide you.

Nedman: I take it you want me to win a Title at Freedom or Fire, where all the vacant titles will be awarded. Which one? I don't have a tag team partner, so the Double Helix Tag Titles are a non-starter. The DeManufacture Title... not my style. So is it to be the Synthetic Breed Title, the ReEvolution Title or the World Archetype Title?

Disembodied Voice: Be as you are. Do what you do.

Nedman, still leaning against the dummy, forms a fist and slams it into one of the dummy's protruding wooden arms.

Nedman: That old chestnut.

Disembodied Voice: Be of the light, Oncoming Storm.

After a few moments of silence, Nedman returns to his sparring practice. And the shot fades out.

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