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1 FACEPALM ! on Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:45 am

The camera goes into A.A.T.O. locker room all the member are in there talking, Voltzandre stands up as the other both look at him

Voltzandre: Next show is the PPV, We have to be prepared cause is going to ....

Voltzandre stop talking and looks at Supermy who is eating something, as he realize Voltzandre is looking at him

Supermy: What ?

Voltzandre: What are you eating ?

Supermy: uuuhhh Python Burger ?

Voltzandre facepalms as Arctic Terror talks

Arctic Terror: You know that is... Oh what the hell, Do you have more of that ?

Supermy: Yes in the fridge, we received a package with three of them, the package had a note... "Hope you Enjoy , Darkness"

Voltzandre facepalms harder as Arctic go to the fridge and take one to the microwave

Voltzandre: Like, I was saying is not going to be that easy

Arctic Terror: Supermy is going to the DeathRace

Supermy nods with his mouth full of Python Burguer and Arctic grabs his burguer and start eating it

Voltzandre: Arctic and me, Doomsday party sound good !!

Arctic Terror:is going to be a Hell of a party isn't it

Voltzandre laughs as Supermy keeps eating

Arctic Terror: What about the Demanufacture Battle Royale, if we are not champs by that time we can participate in that one

Voltzandre: Yes we can but our priority are the two first rumbles

Supermy finish his burguer and smiles to Voltzandre

Supermy: Voltz, can I eat your burguer ?

Voltzandre facepalms once again as the camera fades to black

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