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Take A Bribe (Open to any)

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1 Take A Bribe (Open to any) on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:11 am

*Eternal Eclipse is seen backstage arguing with a referee. The Ref continues trying to get by EE but is continually blocked by Eternal Eclipse.*

Eternal Eclipse: Look buddy! I just want you to do this simple request for me.

Referee: Never! I will not stoop to the likes of you. I work for Phenom and ATW, not you!

*EE pulls out a wad of cash from inside his pocket. The mans eyes light up*

Eternal Eclipse: I expected you to decline. That is why I am prepared to offer double what ever Phenom is paying you this week. I want to make sure that I have momentum going into the PPV.

*EE gets close to the man and slips an undisclosed amount of money into the Referee's pocket.*

Eternal Eclipse: Half now, half later. Do you got that?

*The Ref nods and turns to leave. EE grabs him.*

Eternal Eclipse: Not so fast. I need to make sure we are all on the same page here. People like you screw me and business every day. I don't want that to happen. There is only one way to make sure that does not happen.

*Eternal Eclipse slams a punch into the sternum of the Referee. He screams in pain as he crashes to the floor. Eternal Eclipse pushes the man on to his back so EE can see him*

Eternal Eclipse: If you don't live up to your end of the bargain... You're going to get a lot worse than what I just did.

*EE turns to leave the scene leaving the Ref to hobble away in pain.*

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