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A mysterious voice

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1 A mysterious voice on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:34 am

Travis Touchdown is seen backstage in the hallway. He's standing in front of a sheet of paper clipped on the wall. As we get closer we can see the match card for the Prototype 3 show.

Travis Touchdown: So let's see.... it's gonna be me versus... Katz Pajamaz? Well that's an usual name. Whatever, he's just an other name crossed out of my list.

At that moment a voice with a strange accent is heard.

Mysterious voice: Travis...

Travis Touchdown quickly turns around

Travis Touchdown: Who is it?

Mysterious voice: You do not have to know... yet. Travis you are not facing the right opponents.

Travis Touchdown: What are you talking about? What right opponents? And how do you know my name?

Mysterious voice: What's up Travis, you seem afraid. You're not the brave man I used to know. Look at you, what have you come to? Fighting in a filthy arena, carrying around a list of names that mean nothing.

Travis Touchdown: This list is my key to becoming number 1.

Mysterious voice: This list? Pfff you must be kiding right? These opponents on your list are merely training material.

Travis Touchdown: What?... What are you talking about?

Mysterious voice: Yes, you need to fight real opponents, not those lousy wrestlers. I could really bring you to the top. As you were once before. Remember?

Travis Touchdown: Those days are over,I want to do this on my own.

Mysterious voice: Really? I'm disappointed. I could've helped you in fulfilling that secret dream of yours.

Travis Touchdown: Wait how do you know that...

Mysterious voice: Nevermind, it's to late now. Good luck with your "career" in wrestling. Byyyyyye

Travis Touchdown: No wait!! Don't go!!

The voice is no longer heard. Travis leaves the hallway all shaken up from the dialogue with the mysterious voice. As Travis Touchdown leaves, a silhouette feminin is seen at the far end of the hallway. A giggling sound is heard from that silhouette as the camera fades to black.

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