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Did you said REVENGE !?!?!

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1 Did you said REVENGE !?!?! on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:11 am

The camera shows the A.A.T.O. locker room the lights are off and a candle is turn on in the middle of the room and three guys with black hooded cloaks around them, one of them raises his arm and start talking

Voltzandre: Last Fear Factory the lost of a member of A.A.T.O.

Arctic Terror interrups Voltzandre

Arctic Terror: I thought he was just in the hospital for some sirius months

Voltzandre: Yeah but if I say " We Lost " sounds more sirius

Arctic Terror: Oh yeah yeah you are right

Supermy lifts the candle then Arctic Terror blows the candle turning it off

Arctic Terror: Can we turn the lights on now ?

Supermy turns the light and everyone takes of the cloak except for Supermy

Voltzandre: You can take off the cloak now Supermy

Supermy: I'm not wearing anything inside

Arctic and Voltzandre laughs as supermy go to the bathroom to put some clothes on

Arctic Terror: Now serius, What we are going to do about FMP

Voltzandre: Come on did you saw that guy ? He must be planning his revenge right there on the hospital

Supermy opens the bathroom door and shouts

Supermy: I'll count to ten and one of you two brings me my clothes or You will regret for all your life

Both start laughing out loud as Supermy starts counting

Supermy: One....

Arctic Terror: ooh god that was hilarous

Voltzandre: Hell yeah

Supermy: Two....

Arctic Terror: So what are we going to do ?

Voltzandre: Revenge ? Revenge never fails ?

Supermy: Three....

Arctic Terror: Sounds good for me !

Supermy: TEN !!!

Voltzandre: Dude, What happen with the other numbers !!

Arctic: Lets get out of here!!

The camera goes out of the room with both of them leaving supermy in the locker room alone

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