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back to the gates of darkness

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1 back to the gates of darkness on Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:39 am

Pandora once again is stalking down the dark hallway. Her new camera man begins to shake as a cold chill goes down his spine.

Camera Man: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Pandora: Yes, Everything will be fine. I made arangements this time to get the interview scheduled ahead of time. So he knows I am coming. Now shut up and keep an eye out for the Paladins.

As she says that some torches light up around her and the Paladins are now sorounding her and the camerman.

Camera Man: I thin they found us.

Pandora: Obviously!

The Paladins escort Pandora and the camera man into the den in wich Wolvian is waiting. As they enter something new is atached to the wall. A skelton chained to the wall covered in snake skin. The skeleton looks hevely burned. Wolvian is sitting on his throne as Pandora aproaches.

Wolvian: Right on time miss Pandora.

Pandora: Thank you for giving me the opotunity for another interview.

Wolvian: Well how could I refuse your offer. Now what would you like to speak about?

Pandora: Last we saw, You were in a ring of fire setting Full Metal Python a blaze, What did you do with him? Was that him as we entered the room?

Wolvian: I always keep my promises. I told the world I would take his soul, And I did just that. His spirit was weak, his skills were a joke. He bragged about being dominate. When the truth was he was nothing more than a chump pretend to be bigger than he was. The Apple Duppling Gang should think me for ridding them of such a weak link in there orginization. As for what I did with him? I did exactly what I said I would do. I took his soul and broke his body! His soul is now been deleivered to the depths of the darkest reaches far away from his earthly shell.

Pandora: Um, Ok. What about the rest of A.A.T.O.? What do you plan to do about them?

Wolvian: The rest of the Apples will be dealt with in time. As of right now they will just have to be satisfied with there beating Phenom the Vampire Lord gave them. As my attion is now to focus on the ATW's first PPV. I will be gathering my strength to over come all hurdles to destroy as many people as I can to show the world that the Darkness is the most dominate force!

Pandora: Do you have any insight into who will be walking out the champions?

Wolvian: Titles mean very little to me. But Darkness will walk away with all of them, IF we want them. As Anthrax wants to prove to the world he is the most hardcore wrestler in ATW. So I would say he will be walking out with that title. As for any others you will just have to show up and watch to find out.

Pandora: One finial question, Will there be any more people joining The Darkness?

Wolvian: Are you applying?

Pandora: uh.... No I was just wondering if you had any future plans for new members?

Wolvian: If I see any one worthy of joining our ranks I will first have to make sure they are truthfully worthy of being inducted in to the army of the Darkness. I will look into there souland if it is bleak, and is quenching the destrouction of the world. Then yes we will lead them on the right path. As for every one else on earth. They will be devoured and stripped of there souls just like the Fool that was the first casualty of this war.

Pandora: Well thank you for your time.

Wolvian: Pandora I see great Darkness inside of you. One day you will be a great asset! Until then thank you for your gift!

Pandora blushes as she begins to walk out of the room.

Camera Man: What gift?

Pandora: Well thats a bit of the catch. Your the gift! Bye!

The Paladins grab the camera man and drag him away as Pandora leaves with a smile on her face. The Screams of the camera man are heard as the camera fades out.

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