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I'm back for a day

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1 I'm back for a day on Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:00 pm


The camera comes on in the A.A.T.O locker room and FMP is grasping his knee and is sitting in a wheel chair.

FMP: I think i can't compete at the Pay-per-View. I...I injured my knee it isn't broken i don't think but still hurts like hell. Lads i think i need to go to the hospital. This CAN'T BE HAPPENING. In a couple of days time Freedom or Fire will begin and it may be without me. I am determined no matter how fit i am... I will make it to Freedom or Fire if it's the last thing i do... AHHHHH!!!

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2 Re: I'm back for a day on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:24 pm

Arctic Terror: Dude what about the burns , it looks pretty bad thou

Supermy is walking from side to side and Voltzandre is sit in the back of the locker room with pissed of look in his face

Arctic Terror: You should leave FMP, we will take revenge

Voltzandre stands up and walks towards the door

Voltzandre: Arctic and Supermy lets go we have business with Darkness, This will no end like this

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3 Re: I'm back for a day on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:02 pm


FMP: My burns are fine i have had many in my life and believe it or not thats not the first time i have been stuck to a table and set alight wolvian is just unoriginal. I'm sorry lads i didn't mean to let you down. I will leave after were done here.

FMP's phone rings and he answers it.

FMP (on the phone): hey doc how bad is it.

we hear slight mumbles from the doctor over the phone.

FMP: No i have tp..but...but. Okay doc thanks

FMP hangs up the phone

FMP: i won't be able to make it to Freedom or Fire. I knew it was always going to happen but i just tried to hard to impress, once again lads i'm sorry i let you down

Supermy grabs FMP's handles on the back of the wheelchair and starts to wheel him back to the car where he will be taken to the hospital, but FMP puts the brakes on and Supermy is confused.

FMP: Look big guy i don't need you to wheel me i still have my arms. I just need you to go back to the locker room and stick with the others. I am gonna miss you big guy. Do me one favour though.

Supermy looks intrigued.

FMP: Help Voltz and Arctic win the championship for me. With Voltz and Arctic Tag Champs Darkness will have to fear us.

FMP and Supermy grasp hands and FMP pulls supermy in for a hug and FMP whispers something in Supermy's ear.

FMP: WE will make sure that A.A.T.O are Tag Champs no matter what.

They let go and FMP turns round and wheels off and Supermy turns and walks off.

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