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Travis' paper

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1 Travis' paper on Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:50 pm

Travis Touchdown is seen in the locker room getting ready.

Travis Touchdown: Alright so one match, one win. Let's see the list.

Travis Touchdown pulls out a piece of paper on which is written a bunch of names.

Travis Touchdown: Ok so what was that guy's name, let's see... oh yeah Black Ops that's right.

Travis Touchdown takes a pen and crosses out Black Ops' name.

Travis Touchdown: One step forward to my goal. I wonder who Phenom put me up against for my next match.

At this moment a member of the staff comes in.

Staff member: Oh Travis here you are. You should get ready soon, your match is coming up.

Travis Touchdown: Ok thanks. Who's my opponent this time?

Staff member: Huuuum let me see

He looks at his clipboard

Staff member: King Cobra by the looks of it.

Travis Touchdown: King Cobra? Hum ok never heard of him but he should be a pushover. Thanks man.

Staff member: No problem Travis, good luch for your match.

The member of the staff goes away, Travis takes his piece of paper back out and taps on King Cobra's name with the end of his pen.

Travis Touchdown: King Cobra it is then, well get ready to be crossed out of my list.

Camera slowly goes out of the locker room and fades to black.

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