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Mission To Dominate

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1 Mission To Dominate on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:31 pm

The camera cuts to the backstage area. Andrea is standing near the locker room, in a hope to interview someone from the Prototype roster. She is wearing a black top with a red skirt. The camera zooms in on her.

Andrea: Ladies and Gentleman. Last week we a saw a great fight go down between Averis and Shadow 'The Lord of Pain'. But we still haven't heard a single word from their mouth. So I, your favorite interviewer decided to take matters into my own hand. Now let's see if we can find either of those two.

Andrea lowers the mic and gestures for the camera crew to follow her. They walk down the corridor past several locker rooms, before finally stopping in front of one. The camera focuses on the name on the door. It reads "Averis"

Andrea: Ah. This looks like it. Lets see what happens.

She knocks on the door twice. A man answers from inside the room.

???: Who is it?

Andrea: Its Andrea. I handle the interviews over here. I wanted to get a few words from you, if its alright with you.

???: Step in, the door is unlocked.

Andrea turns the door knob and opens the door. As the camera crew enters the room, we can see a variety of framed pictures and posters on the wall. Some of them show Averis in front of his various business holdings like coal mines, off-shore petroleum mines, etc. While in others we can see Averis with various wrestling titles, which he has won in his career so far. In a corner of the room there is a TV screen which is playing a business news channel, while in another corner we can see a mini-bar. In the center of the room there is a coffee table and a set of sofas around them. Averis is sitting in the center one with a Times magazine in his hand. As he sees Andrea he drops the magazine on the table and stands up to greet her. Andrea then sits opposite to Averis.

Andrea: Averis, I wanted to ask you....

Averis interrupts her.

Averis: Aha.. wait! wait! First of all, what can I offer you to drink?

Andrea: Umm... Well. I normally don't drink on the job, but I guess I don't normally interview people who have been on the cover page of Times magazine either. So your choice.

Averis nods and then heads towards the mini-bar. He gets a drink each for Andrea and himself. After handing her one, he makes himself comfortable on the couch.

Andrea: So what are we drinking to?

Averis: Let's say to the future success of Arche Type Wrestling.

The both raise their glasses and have a sip.

Averis: So what was it that you needed to ask me?

Andrea: Well now I have a lot of other things in mind, but we can discuss them off-camera. What I came in to ask you were your views on your last week's match.

Averis: Well Andrea. As you might have realized by now, and as people should realize soon enough for their own sake, I am not in this for the money. No not at all. I am here on a mission. A mission to dominate. Throughout my wrestling career, I have been to different feds and have always reached the top. Same idea here, Andrea. Same idea here. Last week me and my opponent Shadow, we went out their and gave this audience a hell of a fight. Shadow might have emerged as victorious in the end, but not before we gave the audience their money's worth.

The crowd gives out a loud cheer to that.

Averis: And today Andrea, it'll be no different. My tonight's opponent, Supermy, better bring his A game on the table, because he is gonna need it. I'll take him to the limit. Within an inch of his life. And then probably, I'll have a message for Shadow too.

Andrea: Well, thanks for that Averis. I guess we should leave you alone to prepare for your match.

Averis: No Miss Andrea. Thank You. and this my number, if you want to get in contact with me, that is. Good Bye.

Averis hands over a chit to Andrea. Andrea is seen blushing as she leaves the room. The camera slowly fades to black, as ATW Prototype goes to commercial.

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2 Re: Mission To Dominate on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:36 pm

I'm about half an hour late from the cut off time. Hope this isn't too late. I couldn't find a dark green color in the drop down list so I used olive (Green is already the default so it won't stand out). Also if I may say so, it is very hard to read the blue color on the black background.

If it is admitted, please put it early in the show.

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3 Re: Mission To Dominate on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:55 pm

i haven't started working on the show yet so i'll allow it.
the deadline is more like the time when we start working on the show, so if people add stuff after we have to rearrange everything and redo commentary...
Dun' worry about the color.. i will recolor it
And blue looks very nice on our show's background which is grayish

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