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Time for Boss ass Kicking !!

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1 Time for Boss ass Kicking !! on Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:51 am

The camera enters to the A.A.T.O. locker room , Arctic Terror is inside playing cards with Supermy

Arctic Terror: Ha ! I Won !!

Supermy throws his cards and hits the table as Arctic Terror pull the money to his part of the table

Arctic Terror: Sorry Big boy , sometimes I won and sometimes.... Ha ! not really I always won

Supermy start hitting his forehead in the table showing Dissapointment as Arctic Terro laughs

Arctic Terror: Where is FMP and Voltz ?

Supermy raises his head and points to the door with his finger, Arctic Terror turns to the door

Arctic Terror: ..... What ?

Supermy keeps pointing the door and Voltzandre comes in with a big evil smile in his face

Arctic Terror: How You Know he was going to enter ?

Supermy: mmm ...

Arctic Terror: Yeah thanks for answering. Whats up Voltz why so happy ? Did you got laid with that interviewer chick ?

Voltzandre sits down in front of both as Arctic Terror looks at him witha confused look and Supermy start making a cards castle

Voltzandre: Nope, is even better !?

Arctic Terror gets a surprised look and then he answers

Arctic Terror: You got laid with the both interviewers ?!

Supermy keeps building his cards castle as Voltzandre laughs at Arctic Terror answer

Voltzandre: Dude is not about sex ok ? is about our match tonight

Arctic Terror: How can you say that that is better than getting laid you queer !!

Supermy still building his castle as Voltzandre and Arctic Terror continue with their conversation

Arctic Terror: So Paladins again ? or What ?!

Voltzandre smiles again

Voltzandre: A.A.T.O. Vs Cobalt Paladin and ...

Arctic Terror: and ??

Voltzandre: And....

Artic Terror accidently touch the table making Supermy's card castle falls down and he gets real mad


But then he takes an squeshy toy and start squeezing it with his hand real fast

Artic Terror: Oops ?

Voltzandre: You are lucky I bought him that toy

Supermy stops squeezing his toy and starts making the castle again

Voltzandre: Well..... We are going aggainst the boss with cobalt as tag

A big smirks appear in Artic Terror face

Arctic Terror: Awesome Voltz, is just awesome !!

Voltzandre: We cant get confident thou, I know darkness is planning something in that match we have to get ready for everything they comes up

Both of them laugh as Supermy is concentrated in his castle

Voltzandre: Where is FMP ?

Artic Terror: I dont know, Havent seen him

Supermy finish his castle and big smile crosses his face

Voltzandre stands up

Voltzandre : Well time to get ready !

FMP comes to the room opening the door so hard taht the card castle goes down

FMP: Freaking AnthraX , everyone is talking about my lost !

Arctic Terror : Uh Oh !

Supermy grabs his little toy but he squeeze it so hard that the toy heads go off and He lifts the table with his arms

Voltzandre: OUT OUT OUT !!!

Arctic Terror, Voltzandre and FMP leaves the locker room as Supermy throws table to the door that bakes when it hit the wall and FMP closes the door as a Madness Scraem can be hear


The camera fades to black showing the A.A.T.O. members walking away

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2 Re: Time for Boss ass Kicking !! on Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:20 pm


good rp but u didn't have my permission but i dont care good rp

3 Re: Time for Boss ass Kicking !! on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:38 am

Full Metal Python wrote:good rp but u didn't have my permission but i dont care good rp
you just said hey guys..... if u want to be removed form the rp just tell and i will

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4 Re: Time for Boss ass Kicking !! on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:41 pm


know can it be edited though so that i am extremely angry due to my loss to anthrax

5 Re: Time for Boss ass Kicking !! on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:44 pm

edited Razz

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