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This is just peachy.

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1 This is just peachy. on Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:12 pm

The lights in the ATW arena go down low as Orange sparks are shot downwards from the top of the titan tron and "peaches" by the presidents of the usa is played over the arena speakers. A man dressed in a giant peach outfit steps out through the shower of sparks and begins making his way to the ring. The camera zooms into his face to show that the man inside the outfit is the superstar formerly known as Spriorite but now goes under the name of "Peach". When Peach gets to the ring he tries to jump up onto the ring apron but realises that it would be impossible in his bulky suit. He walks up the steps to the ring apron then realises that he can't fit between the ropes so he just turns and sits down on the apron. Peach motions for a technician to bring him a microphone as the music dies.

Peach: Hi guys.

The crowd explodes with cheers.

Peach: Now normally I'd be excited to have you all behind me but I think you can understand why I'm in a bit of a bad mood tonight.

The crowd continue to cheer.

Peach: For those of you that can't figure it out here's the situation. A couple of shows back my GM told me to change my ring name and because I couldn't think of anything he's forced me to wear this monstrosity.

He motions to the giant peach outfit with his arms.

Peach: Do you know how hard it is to wrestle in this? Do you know how hard it is to fit through tight spaces? Do you know how hard it is to pee?

The crowd laughs.

Peach: As I understand it, the second I find a suitable ring name is the second I can get rid of this god awful suit. That's where you guys come in! I want you guys to help me out! If you'll look to the end of your rows.

Every single person in the arena turns their head sideways to look at the end of their rows.

Peach: You'll see a person in a cheap looking suit standing there with a big box. If you also look under your seats you'll notice some pieces of paper and a pen.

Every person in the arena reaches under their chairs and pulls out the writing utensils.

Peach: I would be very obliged if you guys could write down potential ring names for me and then post them in the giant box that the suit guy at the end of your row has. Simple right?

The crowd all say "yes" in unison.

Peach: Now obviously if a name is requested enough times I will have to honor it. For a week at least anyway. Now obviously I want serious suggestions. I don't want to go around being called Betty for ages.

The crowd laughs.

Peach: I've got a feeling that because I've said that the vast majority of you will vote for Betty won't you? I'm going to go before I make any more mistakes that will endanger my career.

Peach tries to dismount from the apron but trips and lands on his side. He tries several times to get up but the giant peach outfit makes it difficult.

Peach: Well this is embarrassing. Could some of you techie guys roll me out?

A team of four technicians run towards the downed wrestler and begin pushing him up the entrance ramp and towards the backstage area.

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