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A price to be paid!

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1 A price to be paid! on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:41 pm

The camera fades in slowly as Pandora stumbles around a dark hall way.

Pandora: Are you sure its down this way?

Cameraman: I dont know I was following you!

The two keep moving forward as something begins to glow at the end of the hall way. Smells of sulfer can now be smelled coming from the light, and sounds of chanting.

Pandora: I think we found it!

Cameraman: Are you sure we are allowed down here?

Pandora: Dont be such a chicken! I want to be the first person to interview Wolvian, and if that means going down into the depths of hell...

Suddenly the chanting stops and the glow disappears.

Pandora: Great now whats going on?

Cameraman: I dont know? Let me turn on my night vision on my camera!

The cameraman turns on the night vision only to see two Paladins standing in front of Pandora.

Cameraman: Uh...

Torches up and down the hall suddenly light up. The cameraman lets out a girlish scream. as pandora turns and see's two Paladins standing in front of her.

Pandora: Uh... Hi guys? Take me to your leader?

The Paladins grab Pandora by her arms and and two more Paladins come out of no were and grab the camerman and drag them both down the hall way. They turn the corner and end up into a giant throne room. Near the back of the room up on a throne a figure can be seen. The Paladins bring there hostiages closer to the throne.

Wolvian: What are you doing down here?

Pandora: I was wondering if I could get an interview with you Mr. Wolvian, Sir?

Wolvian looks at the two intruders. He then raises his hand slightly. The Paladins release Pandora and step back.

Wolvian: IF you must. Go ahead what would you like to know?

Pandora: Last week you faced The-Assassin, In that match you brutally destroyed him. But yet you said here tonight that Full Metal Python will be the first sacrifice to the darkness?

Wolvian: The-Assassin was nothing more than a training exercise. When I got bored with him I finished him off! As for the Fool with in the Apple dumpling gang. He calls him self the most dominate force in the ATW. But yet he has not won a match yet? I claimed that he will be the first Sacrifice. Because we wont just beat him down in the ring, We will mentally destroy him, and take his soul!

Pandora: I am not sure how much of a mind he actually has? Did you not see his paranoid rant?

Wolvian: I have already gotten into his skull and slipped the seeds of doubt into his mind, how ever small it is. Tonight is the first step into breaking his body as he faces the Darkness hardcore deviant by the name of Anthrax!

Pandora: So you think Anthrax will win?

Wolvian: Think he will win? My dear lady, Anthrax is a core member of The Darkness. He will do what he does best. He will beat the living hell out of that FOOL!

Pandora: Ok, my next questions is what is up with these Paladin guys? They dont speak? There eyes are like not even there? and how many of them are there?

Wolvian: The Paladins are my personal guard. They use to be Angel's until I ripped out there souls and twisted them into the voiceless, sightless, minions they are today! At the moment I only have the Four Paladins with me here!

Pandora: We saw on Fear Factory that you are making them lose?

Wolvian: I am makeing them lose to find out every single move, every single weakness, and most improtantly make them over cofidant in there own skills. So that when I come for them they wont have a prayer!

Pandora: Ok what about the guy your facing here tonight?

Wolvian: I asked for this match to make an example to The Fool! Tonight I fight the Shadow! I will destroy this pale attempt at evilness. I will break him and when the match is over. Every one will once again see the true power of the Darkness, and the true Dominate force in the ATW! Now it is time for you to leave!

Pandora turns toward the camera man and starts to leave.

Wolvian: I said it was time for you to leave Pandora! Not him!

Pandora: What? Why isnt he allowed to leave?

The Paladins drag the camera man off screaming into a opening int he wall. The screams begin to get quieter and quieter as the time passes. Pandora looks back at Wolvian.

Pandora: What did you do with him?

Wolvian: There is always a price for coming into the dark. Just be lucky it was him and not you. Now leave before I change my mind.

Pandora turns and runs out of the room and into the dark hall way.

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