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Another day, Another beatdown

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1 Another day, Another beatdown on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:13 am


The first toll of the bell echoes throughout the arena and the lights go out. On the second toll twin machine guns fire shots up towards the rafters. Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls fully begins and twin beams of light one red the other silver shoot from the the bottom corners of the screen and fly towards the ring then hit the ring and fly up to the rafters. A white flash takes over the lighting and when it clears Josh Goodwin is standing in the ring.[/i]

Josh Goodwin: So then, last week I had my first beat down in months. I can't say I was surprised, I've never been Phenom's favorite person in the world and to be honest. I've never liked AnthraX either, but I digress.

The crowd seems to be drawn in by Josh's words.

Josh Goodwin:Now then, on to this week. I have a match with some guy named Sage Paladin, I've never heard of the guy. But I'll go out there and hit him more times than he hits me, 'cause that's what it's all about.

Josh drops the mic and exits the ring

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You spelled my name wrong

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