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Vivica Lockhart....The Prophecy....

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Vivica Lockhart

Vivica Lockhart
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Name: Vivica Lockhart
Nickname: “The Prophecy", The Finesese of Fierceness....The Egotistical Bad Girl
Age: 21
Personality:tweener...Main: Heel
From: Underground City,NY

Theme Song:

Face- Lucy( The Black Stones)

Heel-The Freak in Me by Krypteria

Entrance Outfit: Black Leather vest

Ring Outfit: White No-Sleeve shirt, Black Leather skirt. Black Wrestling Boots. Black and maroon leather gloves

-D.O.P.(Degrees Of Pain)Springboard Head kick

-Leathal Lockhart:Fujiwara armbar Judo Slam


Born from the city of trouble lives a woman with a mind of her own. Vivica was born in Underground City,NY..her father was a former martial arts master and her mother was a former kickboxer. at the age of 7 she and her parents was in a brutal car accident late one night..she was the only
survivor. She escaped her foster home and moved to china and was taken in at a Shaolin Temple. Vivica also has a Multiple Personality Disorder, her Alter-ego is the sexy but sadistic diva known as "Rayne" in which the monk have brought from within her her her stay.For the next ten years the shaolin monks trained her many forms of martial arts that her father was not able to do and became a 3rd degree black belt, there she also recieved a prophecy by the monks stating that she will be known all over the world and meet an person and together she will change and become something greater. At the age of 17 she left the temple and moved to japan and entered a world fighting tournmaent in which she became world fighting champion defeating all 20 of her opponnets in less than five minutes, the youngest champion ever. Later she traveled across the world fighting in many countries and had won over 30 titles in 4 different weight classes. at the age of 21 she retired as an undisputed champion and decided to pursue in wrestling. She was training at a gym in which she met "The Renegade" Naven X...her and naven became sparring partners and then his manager, For the time, Naven Became Vivica's mentor and trainer until her betrayal...Now, she has become one of the top stars in ATW become the first Ever Diva to win a singles Championship and since her debut she is still climbing the ladder of greatness...A prophecy will be forfilled and her name is Vivica Lockhart.

Her logo
Vivica Lockhart....The Prophecy.... Dff50bbc39bd5a64b633582c82166781

-Retired World fighting champion
-Former kickboxing champion
-Former Martial Arts champion
-Former Cagefighting Champion
-Most dominant Superstar(S3)
-Heel of the season(S3)
-Shocker of the season(S3)

-ATW Synthetic Breed Champion(first diva champion)

Vivica Lockhart....The Prophecy.... A8b67e9b92ce12eec7663cbf575116af

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