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The prophecy is near!

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1 The prophecy is near! on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:34 pm

A dim light shines in a narrow hallway. The light begin to get brighter as the hallway was filled with piles of trash, table and chairs on the floor, and workers on the ground moaning in pain.

Pandora: Oh my god!!!...Who the hell did this,It's a disaster!...Wait!, whats that!

Pandora and the cameraman sees somthing in the end of the hallway, the camera zooms in closer to see something strange written on the wall in red spraypaint.

"vicis est hic , quod oraculum vadum exsisto ostendo sum!"

Pandora: It's written in a strange language...what's it mean?

An injured worker of the arena speaks up in pain!

Worker: its in latin, it means....The time is here and..and...

Pandora: And What!!!

Worker: The prophecy shall be revealed...

Worker passes out

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