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Trying to find a new name ...

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1 Trying to find a new name ... on Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:59 pm

The camera turns on and shows the inside of a locker room with a big, brown leather sofa in the middle. Also in the room is a custom made pc with the monitor set up on a large desk. The door is pushed open and Spriorite steps inside. He athletically jumps over his sofa, reaches down to turn his computer on then crosses the room to his drinks cabinet and grabs out a can of root beer. He chugs the contents of the can in one big chugging marathon then throws the now empty container into the bin. He walks to his computer and sits down on his luxury computer chair.

Spriorite: Phen said I need a new ring name.

He places his face into his palms.

Spriorite: Where am I supposed to find inspiration for that?

The brit stays quiet for a while then squeaks as if he's thought of something. He mumbles something to himself and the only word that is heard is "Chat Roulette". He reaches to the webcam resting on his monitor, presses a button and then clicks a few times on his mouse.

Spriorite: I forgot how many naked people there were on here.

He sighs to himself.

Spriorite: %^&*, %^&*, %^&*, oh, finally someone who's not naked ...

His eyes squint in concentration.

Spriorite: Oh no. My mistake. This is hopeless. I'm never going to find a new name this way.

The young man places his face into his hands saddened. The GM of ATW Phenom busts open the door and storms in all happy with himself.

Phenom: Hey there kiddo, you found a new name for yourself or what? Because I've got the perfect name for you!It's just so perfect!

Spriorite sighs and keeps his head in his hands.

Spriorite: It's a well known fact that every time you smile a kitten dies. To that end I've concluded that if you look happy then it means a whole mess of trouble for other people.

Spriorite takes his head out of his hands and spins around on his chair to look at his GM.

Spriorite: Let's hear it then?

Phenom's sadistic smile gets a little bit bigger as the name he found for Spriorite rolls off his tongue.

Phenom: Peach

Spriorite stares directly into Phenom's eyes.

Spriorite: You're kidding me right? I mean, You can't actually be serious? That's stupid!

Phenom stares back, still keeping that smile on his face.

Phenom: It fits your personality. Oh and I am the boss around here and you just admitted you have no other name chosen yet so until you get me something, that will be your name!

He turns around and as he gets out the door, he can be heard saying "See you later, Peach".. Spriorite is left staring at the empty space where his GM just was. He's got a stunned, empty look on his face. He seems to snap back into reality as he swings around on his chair to face his computer.

Spriorite: Talk about abuse of power much.

The brit swings his head forward so that it collides with the computer desk as the camera fades to black.

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