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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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1A Trip Down Memory Lane Empty A Trip Down Memory Lane on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:04 pm


The scene opens up once again, backstage at the ATW Industrial Arena as the World Archetype Champion, Adam Nedman has recently made his arrival. It doesn't take long before, oh joy of joys, ATW's backstage interviewer, Pandora Weniger comes across him. She seems surprised to see him.

Pandora Weniger: "Adam Nedman?! What are you doing here?"

Now Nedman is equally surprised.

Adam Nedman: "I work here."

Pandora Weniger: "I know that! But you don't have a match tonight."

Adam Nedman: "There's nothing for the World Archetype Champion to do, not a match, an interview, a promo, nothing? There are no hands to kiss or babies to shake?"

Pandora whips out her handy Android tablet computing device and scrolls through the running order for the show.

Pandora Weniger: "Zip, zero. You should enjoy your night off."

Adam Nedman: "Hmm."

He rummages in one of the pockets of his baggy training shorts and pulls out the key that was gifted to him last week.

Adam Nedman: "I suppose, now that I'm here, I could revisit my old haunt."

As Nedman heads off to his old basement training room, he hears the clickety-clack of stupidly high heels following behind him. He stops and turns to see Pandora is hot on his heels.

Adam Nedman: "Are you coming too?"

She gives a little shrug of her shoulders.

Pandora Weniger: "I've got nothing else to do right now."

They both set off to the basement and make their way through the dank and damp, labyrinthine corridors, Pandora's heels echoing even more loudly down here.

Adam Nedman: "It's almost exactly as I remember it."

Nedman unlocks the door and, ever the gentleman, allows Pandora to enter first. He fumbles around in the dark for the light switch and after a few second, the bare dangling bulb in the middle of the ceiling, flickers into intermittent life.

Adam Nedman: "It looks like they even have found the old bulb."

Pandora Weniger: "Mr Duplantier is a very caring boss."

Adam Nedman: "Mm-hmm."

He doesn't sound completely convinced. They continue looking around the room, noticing all the little things that ATW's new GM has gone to painstaking details to perfect for his champion. Nedman looks down at the near-threadbare training mats.

Adam Nedman: "I think these are the same too. They even have the singe marks from the explosion that destroyed the first ATW Industrial Arena."

Pandora seems to be pleased for Nedman but the smile on her face isn't as genuine as his glee seems to be. Nedman walks over to a wall and locates the brackets that once displayed the ATW ReEvolution championship that he held oh so often. He removes the World Archetype title from his shoulder and lays it to rest on the brackets before standing back and admiring his work with pride.

Adam Nedman: "Y'know what, Pandora... thank Mr Duplantier for me. I'm moving in."

He unceremoniously dumps his kit bag on the floor and makes himself comfortable as the shot fades to crimson.

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