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Snap, Crackle and Pop

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Hannah Destiny

Hannah Destiny
Backstage watching the show on a monitor is the current reigning and defending Interpromotional Champion and TMG MTV Champion Hannah Destiny. Around her neck hangs an ATW Backstage Pass which is what allows her to be here tonight. She has just finished watching the Snapshot and Blake Lawson promo and is absentmindedly stroking her IP Title, which is hanging around her waist, as she does so.

HD: Awwww aren't you so cute when you're angry Little Miss Snapples. But don't you worry your pretty little masked face, no spandex tops will be flying off mid match if we ever get the chance to clash. All that would happen is me giving you a good hard spanking.

Hannah bends over slightly as she playfully smacks her own butt.

HD: And if you're a really good girl Snapples then maybe I'll make you "snap, crackle and pop" afterward.

Hannah licks her lips while thinking about the meaning behind what she just said.

HD: Mmmmm now I'm hoping that Little Blakey doesn't take too much out of you tonight, I like a girl with a lot of energy. Plus you have a liking for chains just like I do. Maybe one day I'll be able to show you my chains and you can show me yours.

At that moment the Fern promo starts playing on the monitor.

HD: Awwww look at little Ferny. He looks so cute trying to act like a big, bad, tough guy. We all know he's a little softie at heart. But as for that Kai... Mmmmm she is looking fiiiiiiiine!! I'd love to get her and Snapples into a room along side Charity Divine. That girl sure knows how to entertain.

Okay I think we should probably leave Hannah to her thoughts. Let ATW continue.

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