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Secret conversations. (Before Hack3r/Astor match)

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The camera switches on to show Hack3r, leaning casually against a wall in the annals of the ATW arena. He looks surprisingly cool and collected, given his embarrassing loss last week. As the camera approaches it becomes clear that Hack3r is on the phone to somebody.

Hack3r: "Where have you been, man? Things haven't been the same without you around."

The Brit falls silent, clearly listening to the unknown individual's response.

Hack3r: "Wait, you're in the area tonight? Like, tonight tonight? That's great news! Of course I'll come party!"

The ex-ATW champion pauses briefly to think, before continuing.

Hack3r: "There is this one thing though. I have a match tonight with some guy, I don't know his name. I think he's a pastor or something, it's not important. I'm sure it won't take long! I'll see you later!"

With that, Hack3r clicks his mobile and places it back in to the pocket of his jeans. At this point, he notices the camera but doesn't say anything. He places his signature sunglasses onto his face and walks away down the corridor without a word. The scene fades to black.



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