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The REAL champions... (Place it after Evil people RP please)

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The camera fades to The Establishment’s locker room. Yes, Archetype Wrestling has a room specially prepared for us. We can only see Fernandmg sitting on a luxury couch, staring at a big screen TV, by the looks of his face, the man was having fun.

Now, he grabs the controller and turns off the TV. Fernandmg lets out an amusing chuckle before launching the controller to the side on the couch. Next, he becomes serious out of sudden and points at the camera.

Fernandmg: “You see? I finally caught you… Your last words prove my point. You, Brandon Collins, are weak! You do not have what it takes to defeat Kai and myself. You made it obvious on the last segment…

… You will never see The Establishment asking for someone else’s help. Nope. It does not matter who we are facing. We WILL defeat them by ourselves. We do not need help to become champions…

… In the meanwhile, we have Brandon Collins asking for Evilution’s help to take down Kailani and myself. Is it not funny and even peculiar? I mean, the ‘expert’ makes sure to mention my name and say how carried I am being every single week. Yet, he needs people’s help in order to take the ‘carried man’ down.

What a naïve fool.”

Fernandmg chuckles and shakes his head. Next, he gets up to his feet and makes his way to the trophy cabinet. Obviously, there are a two-digit number of titles and trophies there. However, Fern only grabs one of them. The Interpromotional Tag Team Championship title belt is taken off the cabinet and placed on his left shoulder.

Now, he turns around to face the camera once again, a smile across his face express his confidence and placidity. The title belt’s plate shines as Fernandmg speaks.

Fernandmg: “One does not simply dissing a man every week and then ask for help to take the same man down. There is no logic in your plan, Brandon. In fact, that is utterly stupid. Do you really think that Evilution is a team to be trusted? I mean, c’mon man… Do not be so naïve. You are sealing your loss by doing such thing. You are not only going to have your ass beaten by The Establishment…But by Evilution as well.

Why would Evilution need help from two no ones? A person that only has talents when it comes to being a puppeteer and the other one who has been trying for more than a year and failing every single season. Sounds like a huge flop, if you ask me.

Sounds like you do know that Kai and I are too much for you… Am I right? The talented EST member and the boring spokesperson are too skilled for you and the stupid puppeteer. Therefore, you need to increase numbers. Four versus two.

Which is great for us. The more we get to defeat, the more we get to prove that we ARE the real champions!”

Fernandmg opens his arms and chuckles once again. Next, he taps the title’s plate twice and points at himself.

Fernandmg: “You are staring at the man that you want to defeat… That you NEED to defeat. Me. I am your objective, your role model. I have everything you want, everything you need. Skills, glory, relevancy, intelligence… EVERYTHING you need…

Moreover, unfortunately for you… All supposed to remain as a dream for you. Forever a dream, something that you idealize but never accomplish. Something that you imagine as good for everyone else; however, utopic.

Expertly Insane beating The Establishment and Evilution is the wrestling definition of utopia. Expertly Insane taking the Interpromotional Tag Team Championship title belts equals the death of the title’s relevancy, one more time. Period.

Because lets all be honest… The IP Tag Team titles were dead before The Establishment taking them. People want to take these titles now… More federations want to make part of the Interpromotional Association.”

Fernandmg makes his way to the luxury sofa and sits down, relaxed. He deep breathes as the title rests on his abdomen. The man speaks after stroking his beard.

Fernandmg: “Oh and lets no forget the fact that you want to lose to Blake no more time… How funny. You definitely have a strong power of will. I mean, you keep attempting to prove yourself by defeating The Establishment members… However, all the results are the same at the end.

A loss.

That is my prediction to the War Games AND the three-way Tag Team title match. Loss and loss. By the way, I strongly suggest Cartwright to deny Brandon’s appearance as a team partner on the War Games.

Because if you are going against The Establishment, you will not want to have a weak link in your team, will you? You are smart enough to realize that, Cartwright.

Think about it.”

Fernandmg stares at his title for a minute and nods. Next, he looks back to the camera.

Fernandmg: “Enough of speaking about this delusional kid, eh? Because tonight, Kailani and I show him and his stupid partner that EST do not play around. We are going to show everyone why Brandon NEEDS help to defeat us.

And finally, we are going to show why The Establishment is by far the best team of the damn world!”

Fern turns his head as he hears a familiar voice.

Kailani: "Damn right we are..."

Kailani strolls towards Fern, her half of the Interpromotional tag titles over her shoulder, she stops and sares into the camera.

Kailani: "Do you all know what I have been through over the past few weeks? I have had todeal with three man beatdowns and have had to watch my title stolen, do you really think any team out there has what it takes to keep me down and tag my other shiny strap?"

Kailani grinning at Fern.

Kailani: "Let the kids think what they want, let them come in with dreams of success, let them bring everything they have with true belief that they possess the firepower to actually get the job done because when they come in carrying all of that weight on their shoulders then it will completely and utterly destroy them when they realise just how good we are...

We are on another level, an entirely different plane of existence, we are everything you dream of being but can never truly hope to be - we are the true champions and will remain the champions for as long as we decide. We arent just good, we are [censored] amazing, you are all about to learn this and unfortunately for you it will be a lesson that comes with a while [censored] load of pain."

Kailani smiles again all sweet and innocent.

Kailani: "It is really quite simple, I am Kailani... He is Fern... We are the Establishment and we win at any cost."

Kailani bumps fists with Fern as she moves away again, her partner just grins into the camera and cracks his knuckles as the picture fades.



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