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The United Center

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1The United Center Empty The United Center on Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:54 pm

Jacob Aster

The United Center UC-aerial

The United Center... a beacon of entertainment in Chicago. Jacob Aster and Vixen are seen walking around this huge arena along the sidelines of the basketball court. Vixen, dressed in her usual provocative attire(which is never alot). Jacob Aster dressed in ripped up blue
jeans and a black Slayer t-shirt. A young janitor is then seen walking towards Jacob and Vixen with a picture in his hand... as he approaches he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen. Jacob knows what is coming and smiles at the man as he approaches.

Janitor: "Excuse me, I have always been a fan... could you sign this picture of you for me Mr. Aster?"

Vixen chuckles in the background as Jacob speaks.

Jacob: "I certainly will... I only have one request, please don't call me sir."

The janitor nods in agreement as he hands Aster the pen and picture and Jacob sits it on the timekeepers table and gives his autograph. He then hands the items back to the janitor.

Janitor: "Wow, thank you very much."

Jacob laughs slightly...

Jacob: "No need to thank me, just do what I do... represent Chicago and our toughness and willingness to do whatever it takes to come out on top."

The janitor again nods in agreement and shakes Jacob's hand as Vixen receives a cell phone call. She speaks for a few moments and then hangs up the phone and walks over to Jacob.

Vixen: "What do you think of Ritter?"

Vixen asks Jacob as he moves away from the timekeeper table.

Jacob: "You mean the guy who got the short end of the stick at the rumble match?"

Vixen tilts her head to the left.

Vixen: "The very same."

Vixen then places the cell phone in her hand into her purse in the other hand, then places the purse over her shoulder.

Jacob: "It seems to me that myself and Ritter have alot in common, but it has been said that us and them are too much alike."

Jacob then stares at Vixen in wonder and awe.

Jacob: "You know what truly amazes me? The fact that you are so stunning and hardcore as a woman that you still feel the need to carry a purse."

Jacob begins to laugh loudly as Vixen punches him in the shoulder, her red hair moving like the waves of the ocean as she does.

Vixen: "Stop making fun of me and my purse!"

She then turns and walks away from Jacob, turning her head slightly to the right and looking back at him with rather inviting eyes.

Jacob mutters to himself.

Jacob: "Ritter huh? Looks like this rebellion is starting whether ATW wants it or not. I am not the only one who is thinking the same thing."

With that, Jacob walks rather hurriedly to catch up with Vixen.

Vixen: "Lets go back to the penthouse... I have some unfinished business with you."

Jacob just smiles and wraps his left arm around her.

Jacob: "I was thinking the same damn thing."

The scene fades...

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