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The Salvage Yard

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1The Salvage Yard Empty The Salvage Yard on Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:56 pm

Jacob Aster

The Salvage Yard Junk-yards

The scene opens with what appears to be a vehichle of somekind being crushed at a salvage yard, the cold air biting the outside inhabitants to their very core. The pale light of the morning with the backdrop of a pink sky and the sun returning us to daytime
are seen in the distance. A woman in a rather expensive looking fur coat is seen walking steadily from one side of the crusher to its opposite side, she disappears for a moment and then returns to view with Jacob Aster in tow. Both stop and begin speaking to one another...

Vixen: "That battle royale didn't go as planned."

Vixen then makes a motion with her hand to someone out of view as she brushes her beautiful red hair out of her face with her other hand.

Jacob: "There is only one reason it didn't go as planned... that reason being the distractions everyone faced in that match. Typical cowardice my dear, that is the plain and simple answer."

Jacob modifies his stance and reaches into the pocket of his black winter coat to reveal a cellphone which he hands to Vixen.

Jacob: "You should call them, extend an olive branch of sorts my dear... I am no fool and I see the only way to counter this cowardice is to get some allies."

Vixen gives Aster a surprised look.

Vixen: "Are you sure? You have never worked with anyone before."

Jacob produces a thin smile and responds...

Jacob: "No I haven't... but that doesn't mean I can't. We are manipulators and we know how to play diplomacy. It never hurts to have allies out there, as long as they trust us we can trust them. At least until the arrangement has expired."

Jacob Aster's blue GTO is seen pulling up behind the couple as the light of day is now more pronounced. Vixen walks away from Jacob and begins to dial a number on the phone.

Jacob: "It is time the ATW see what Jacob Aster can really do."

The scene fades...

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