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Chicago Highrise

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1Chicago Highrise Empty Chicago Highrise on Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:52 am

Jacob Aster

Chicago Highrise 1-chicago-skyline-jeff-lewis

A stiff cold wind blows outside of a Chicago highrise apartment building. The naked trees blowing helplessly with the wind as a redheaded woman in a black coat approaches the front double doors to enter the building. She grasps the handle to one of the doors and enters
the building. She looks left and notices two elevators, straight in front of her is a reception desk and to her right is another pair of elevators, she pauses for another moment and walks to her right and presses the button to go up.

Man at reception desk: "How are you today Mrs. Aster?"

Vixen: "I am fine today, rather cold outside though with all that wind."

As she finishes her response the elevator door opens up and she walks gracefully inside and presses yet another button indicating she is going to the top floor penthouse. She hums a tune to herself as the elevator creaks and moans its way skywards. The elevator halts and the doors open,
revealing a rather extravagant living area with a large television in the center of the room with several dark blue sofas and matching chairs lining the outside of the room facing the television.

Vixen: "Jacob, where are you?"

She calls the name of Jacob Aster throughout the penthouse as a figure emerges from a nearby room. She stares at him with hungry eyes as it appears he just exited a shower not too long ago with a white towel still in his hand while he is wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt to speak of... hair still somewhat damp.

Jacob: "Did you get it?"

He asks her such a simple question, surprised it is taking her a bit of time to respond. She quickly shakes her head as to clear out of her daze and responds.

Vixen: "Yes I did, its in this envelope here."

She takes the envelope from inside her coat as she removes it and hands the envelope to Jacob. Jacob looks at the return address which states this is a letter from Hack3r. Jacob opens the letter with anticipation and begins to read, after a few moments he folds the the letter back up and places it on a coffee table in front of the main sofa.

Jacob: "This is good news... now all we have to do is wait."

Chicago Highrise Bigmary-leigh_maxwell1

Jacob then returns the stares he has been receiving as Vixen has now removed her coat. The scene fades...

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