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The Reunion

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1 The Reunion on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:32 pm

The camera fades-in to a show an unknown pub at an undisclosed location. Rain lashes down against the windows from the outside. The pub looks warm and cosy thank to an open fireplace, in contrast to the outside. As a result of the terrible weather, the pub is practically empty, except for the few staff members who are working.

Suddenly, the pub entrance door swings open and a soaking wet man, who is totally full of sophisticated swag, enters the pub quickly to escape the harsh conditions. The staff are quick to greet the man, as they have been bored out of their minds for hours and appreciate the new company.

Barman: "Hello my friend! How wonderful it is to see you! We didn't think that anybody would be coming today with all that going on out there! It's properly raining cats and dogs today, with gale force winds to boot!"

He points at the outside weather as the swag man removes his swagtastic hat and glasses. He shakes the cap wildly over and around his head in an attempt to remove the excess amount of liquid that it has gathered. He wipes his glasses with a cloth that the Barman has waiting for him.

???: "Nothing was getting in the way of this meeting. I had to come here no matter what. Today is a very important day."

Barman: "Oh yes. I recognise your voice now from the phone call yesterday. You booked a table for four?"

The man with amazing fashion sense nods his head as he returns the cloth to the Barman, his glasses successfully dried through the use of his expert wiping ability.

???: "I sure did. I'm hosting a reunion with some mates of mine. It's been a little while since we all got together. It's about time we put our heads together and decided what we will do next, now that Proving Grounds is done. I wanted to make sure that we all had a seat but..."

The charismatic and amazing man looks around at the near-empty pub.

???: "...I guess I didn't need to worry about that!"

The Barman nods along like the good barman that he is. Whether he knows what a Proving Grounds was, we don't know.

Barman: "Please make yourself at home while you wait! If you need anything at all, I'll be behind the bar!"

???: "Yeah, I have a request of you sir! Get me a Four Horsemen cocktail please! It shall be a treat to myself for being able to get here in the first place!"

Barman: "Yes sir!"

The Swagnificent Man goes to the bar and patiently waits for his drink.

((Scene set, wooo!cheers))

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2 Re: The Reunion on Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:04 am

Not sure whether to jump in now or wait...

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3 Re: The Reunion on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:57 pm

carthay said joe should show up when all ov evilution is here...

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4 Re: The Reunion on Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:18 pm

The clouds grow darker outside the pub as a localised thunderstorm moves in. Lightening flashes as thunder booms and hits the windows with a shattering cry. Another burst of lightening illuminates the silhouette of a man standing outside the pub. Why is this man just standing outside in the rain!? Is he mad? No, he is Evil.

The man moves towards the entrance as pushes the door open. He is soaking wet, luckily the hat he wears seems to be perfectly water proof. He takes of his trench coat and places it on the coat hook at the door before taking off his hat momentarily to tip the excess water off. Placing the hat back on his head, he makes his way towards a booth in the pub. As behind him the strange man continues his strange conversation with the barman.

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5 Re: The Reunion on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:51 am

The sound of loud boot steps echo from beyond the screen, as pair of white gloved hands rest at a long black jacket's hip. The slender fingers appear loose as woman's voice brings the attention her way.

Woman : "Have you seen these bathrooms? It's like you've never had a lady here before."

The bartender shrugs at the accusation, which only has the white gloved hand tense into a fist. The camera, focused behind the woman at her hip level, follows her over to the bar with the Swagtastic fellow. She taps her finger on the it before taking a closer look at what is on it.

Woman : "I am so irritated we're doing this reunion thing where... What the hell? Is that a real deer head? This place is a mess."

She sits down at a booth in the back, her back to the camera, as she throws up a somewhat suggestive hand gesture toward what we hope is a colleague of hers.

Woman : "And bring me whatever his glasses will pay for."

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6 Re: The Reunion on Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:17 pm

The swagman turns to see that one of his guests has arrived. They are unaware of the strange man who was standing outside, enjoying the thunderstorm in all of its glory, and has since entered the pub stealthily like an assassin. The chap full of swag receives his drink and welcomes the woman over.

???: "Hurrah! Glad you could make it! It's been a while! It was either here or the arcade down the street, and the arcade would be waaay too loud for what we need to sort out today! Hey, that deers head had better be real! Only the best, the real deal, will do for us!"

They turn to look at the Barman, who looks unsure.

Barman: "If it isn't real, whoever made it did a very good job."

The man looks disappointed. But he is not here to worry about that!

Barman: "So what can your glasses afford?!"

The mystery man of magnificent disguises rubs his chin in thought. They are some damn fine glasses that he possesses.

???: "Hmm they probably don't do a Gigi or Winston cocktail here..."

The Barman scoffs at the idea the glasses are worth that much.

???: "Better play it safe with some lemonade! That or a fireball, she likes fire!"

The man scans the room with his gorgeous eyes and suddenly notices a hat bobbing up and down from afar. That wasn't there earlier. The man points at the hat for all to see!

???: "OI! YOU! Who do you think you're hiding from, Hatty Hatterson?!"

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7 Re: The Reunion on Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:02 pm

The hat man is about to stand up and respond when the door to the pub swings open and in walks a black jack dealer, followed by a midget and a couple of what could only presumably be ladies of the night. The blackjack dealer proceeds to set up a game of black jack when the hat man, now revealed to beThe Mauler...(what a surprise!) finally stands from his booth. He makes towards the bar. Halfway to the bar he stops and glares over at the uninvited guests. In a cartoon-esque exit the blackjack dealer, midget and pair of harlots dash out of the pub for fear of their lives.

The Mauler continues to the bar and approaches the swagnificient one. Standing behind he speaks up.

The Mauler: "What next? Rabbit holes?"

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8 Re: The Reunion on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:42 pm

The swag man looks down at the floor, just to make sure that there in fact no rabbit holes. It was getting a little crazy but Mauler saved him the task of having to boot them all out himself. Tonight is for the V.I.P.'s only! Those chicks were totally eying him up though!

???: "Here he is! Look at you, being all sneaky, sliding past us all! Mauler's still got it! He's still at one with his dark side!"

Handshakes are exchanged between the three sinister people, along with nods of approval. A flash of lightning temporarily lights-up the room before it returns to a shade of darkness.

???: "The forces of nature must know that we are up to something, but there is nothing that it or anyone can do to stop us! We're here, we're back! Now all we need to do is figure out, what next?!"

The man pulls out a piece of paper which he has written all over with various notes of research and ideas.

???: "There's a whole world out there to strike! Where do we strike first?!"

((Maybe Phen's turn now unless we see Filthy or there is something else to add?! XD))

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9 Re: The Reunion on Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:42 am

“Rain drops keep falling on my head…just like the guy….”

*Record scratches & screeches to a halting stop*

*Cue in the sound of rain gradually falling and
hitting the rickety old rooftop but suddenly hits harder as every seconds passes*

The loud clunking of boots hitting the old wood roof increasingly gets louder and louder and then suddenly stops. Every step ends in a sinister creak. Everyone’s head tilt and shift as they try to make sense of the unusual and unexpected sound, but casually continue on amongst themselves. A loud stomp catches everyone’s attention as the bits and pieces of old wood breaks apart and fall onto the surrounding tables and ground. Everyone looks up as this peaks their curiosity but unsure of what and where the noise is exactly coming from. More footsteps, more creaks and more debris falls. Out of the shadow and in the bartender’s peripheral vision, a dark shadow is seen lowering down as the darkness envelopes the far right corner of the pub in obscurity. The others notice the bartender’s momentary distraction in the direction as they all turn towards the anonymous lure that has frozen the bartender still. A dark figure of a man is seen as the silence has become deafening clear to everyone. The figure takes a step forward and the ends of a trench coat eerily scraps and drips the now wet floor. All the men and women stare in anticipation and apprehension. The figure takes another step and the tip of a drenched baseball bat clearly comes into vision…

A split second later before any of their idiotic minds can comprehend what was unfolding in front of their face, The Mauler gasped…

The Mauler: “Son of a…It’s…”

Everyone turns to look at The Mauler as a thunderous growl comes from the mysterious newcomer…

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10 Re: The Reunion on Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:08 pm

The woman rises to her feet and, using both hands, tries to calm the crowd of... zeroes of people down. The camera spins to reveal the half masked face of Madam Snapshot.

Snapshot : "Everyone, you can relax. I assure you if you were going to be murdered, he wouldn't have let you see him coming. Besides, it's ONLY Filthy."

She sits back down and rolls her eyes a bit, leaning back in her booth seat as she reaches down to grab her drink.

Snapshot : "Honestly, I'm a little surprised we haven't just burned this place to the ground. Seems a little too much like Establishment turf to me. Why the hell are we here, anyway?"

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11 Re: The Reunion on Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:36 pm

The swag man turns around to see that the final VIP has arrived. He stands up slowly. They go face-to-face, until the man takes off his glasses and Filthy relaxes. For Filthy now recognises the man to be Cartwright!

Cartwright: "We've got the full house tonight! Look at that mask! It's scary man! Are you trying to give us all the creeps?! Come, let's get started!"

Cartwright and Filthy sit down, both of them already considering Snapshot's request to burn the place down as they hmm at the suggestion. That must worry the Barman, if he heard!

Cartwright: "OK, so we all made it here today! That means that we are all ready to start a new reign of Evil across the wrestling world! We have the smarts, the power, the charisma and the terror! We just need to decide what we want to accomplish and plan from there...."

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12 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:49 am

A man and a woman walk in through the door. They set their umbrellas off to the side and she helps him slip out of his coat. The woman goes to the clothes hanger rack while the man walks up to the barman.

Joseph:"Thanks for letting me know about this meeting. I'll take care of their tab. Oh and get me whatever the hat man's having..."

He slips the barman a hundred dollar bill and then starts making his way towards the table where the four people that have previously arrived are seated. He grabs a chair from a nearby table and takes a seat at their table.

Joseph:"Good evening lady and gentlemen. I am sorry for the rude interruption of your meeting, but this was the only way I could get all four of you at the same time in one place."

The man's assistant walks up to the table with the man's drink and puts it on the table in front of him.

Joseph:"My name's Joseph Duplantier and this is my assistant Maria. You may have already heard the rumors flying about, but we're here to confirm them. We are starting a federation and we want Evilution in our roster."

Maria places a pen and a contract in front of Snapshot, the glasses man and the hat man.

Joseph:"You can name your price, your share of the merchandise and sign it."

He shifts his gaze towards Filthy.

Joseph:"Your general manager has unfortunately refused to allow me to buy you out of your contract. However I will have my people get you on our show one way or another."

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13 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:31 am

The Mauler raises an eyebrow. Is he appalled by the interruption or impressed by the mans gumption.

The Mauler: "Blunt. That is the best way to do business.

So, Mr. Duplantier you clearly know enough about us to stalk us all the way to this venue tonight. But you should also know that having Evilution in a federation doesn't usually end too well for whomever is in charge..."

The Mauler has prodded for a reaction of some kind from Joseph as he shoots a glance in his direction, none is forth coming.

The Mauler: "Well, money aside for now. Let's talk merchandise. Specifically, that merchandise..."

The Mauler waves one of his cigars at Joseph's assistant Maria, before lighting it. The Mauler cares not for silly no smoking indoors laws.

The Mauler: "What if were to want her on my 'roster'?"

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14 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:40 am

Joseph:"I don't own Maria, so i'm afraid this discussion about her as a piece of merchandise is rather pointless. As far as I'm aware she's single, so if she is willing to walk out of here with you, that's between you and her."

Joseph turns towards Maria who seems to be rather terrified.

Joseph:"I think Filthy's new mask may have killed her mood for that sort of thing though. Perhaps some other time?"

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15 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:03 am

Our half-masked villainess looks down at the contract placed in front of her, looks over to her fellow Evilution cohorts, and then back over the contract.

Snapshot : "I don't get it. You know what we do to the federations we participate in, you know that you're more likely to lose money via lawsuit than to keep us happy, and that at least two of us are already planning on kicking the crap out of you, your tartlet arm candy, and probably your chauffeur, because anyone who thinks that they can simply walk in here WITHOUT getting their face turned into paste HAS to have one of those..."

Her daydream about all the servants of his that she would single handedly destroy is broken by her own hand slamming down on the table. She looks down at her hand, and then back up to Joeseph.

Snapshot : "So enlighten me, what is it, exactly, you want us to do? Are you hiring us to go and break other federations or something?"

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16 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:27 am

Joseph:"It's very simple miss Snapshot. I do know what you can do. I know you set up the Cross of Golgotha match to have your mother killed. I know your two friends here have been using lifelike masks to pass off as someone else. I know your masked friend here has piledrived a curry van. And maybe you do want to crush my face in with your heels, and maybe Mauler wants to have his way with Maria. Maybe Carthwright here has decided he likes my tie and would like it if it were around his neck."

He takes a swig of the drink in front of him.

Joseph:"But what you should know is you don't make an empire worth almost a billion dollars from nothing without being on the wrong end of a death threat once or twice."
"You're bored and unemployed ever since Proving Grounds shut down. Truth is there aren't a lot of people out there that want to hire you because of your past actions. And the ones that do want you, you don't want to work for."

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17 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:31 am

Snapshot : "You're absolutely right. The ones that DO want us, I don't want to work for. So tell me, what makes you so different from those stuffed shirt asinine pompous arrogant wind bags that would want us?"

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18 Re: The Reunion on Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:51 am

Joseph:"Well first of all, i'm not in this to make a profit. Spending money on quality performers, quality artwork and presentation, lawyers for when you get everybody in trouble... that's something i'm fine with. And because I don't care about the money, I don't care about the ratings. I don't have to force you into taking a bump you don't want to just because it will make the pay-per-view buys go up by 10 thousand.You want to go up on the giant screen and jump off, that's your call to make, not mine."

He takes the glass and empties it.

Joseph:"And because I've just bought Archetype Wrestling from your father."

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19 Re: The Reunion on Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:47 pm

The half masked vixen raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit.

Snapshot : "I wasn't aware that the sperm donor owned it. Is that what he named ELF, or was he secretly trying to horde federations so that none would 'stray down the path of evil' or some such nonsense?"

She runs her gloved finger across the rim of her glass as she looks over her Evilution cohorts.

Snapshot : "We all know I don't exactly have a role in this little group, but I'm inclined to go break stuff until something better comes along. Thoughts?"

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20 Re: The Reunion on Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:55 pm

Cartwright listens intently to what is being said, his poker face giving nothing away. He isn't particularly pleased that this guy has been watching them and crashed their night, but the guy must have a set to dare to do such a thing when he is clearly outnumbered and outclassed by the feared Evilution. He looks down at the contract offer and it is laid-out exactly how Joseph said that it would be. There are blank spaces where Cartwright can write down any amount of zeroes and percentages that he wants.

Cartwright: "Of course you want Evilution on your roster. Any sane person would because we are such great people! But you're smart enough to come to us and offer us anything that we could possibly imagine with no restrictions on us! You seem to know how we operate, which is putting you ahead of the rest of those wannabe General Managers out there who think that they offer Evilution any old contract and that we'd be happy with it!"

Cartwright taps on the table with his fingers, thinking.

Cartwright: "Hmm Snapshot wants to go there and break stuff. I can already see the fire in Filthy's eyes, he's ready to go and burn stuff down. I do wonder if you can truly deliver on all your promises. This seems too good to be true, but you've got me curious..."

Cartwright strokes his chin as he imagines a federation with a sign that says 'Evilution's Playground', where he can do whatever the Hell he wants with Evilution and suffer no repercussions for it. He is merrily swaggering about as Mauler shoots rabbits on his left, Snapshot punches bears on the right and Filthy intimidates the world around them from behind while carrying the ultimate flamethrower gun, burning whatever he pleases. How glorious that would be!

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21 Re: The Reunion on Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:19 am

Cartwright continues to doses off in his mind, all in while Filthy play with his shot glass with his right hand. Tilting and twirling the glass shot in his right palm, staring at it with a cold look in his eyes. Filthy raise the shot glass near his mouth and snap his head back as he chug down the liquor. Filthy slam the empty shot glass on the table, startling the day dreaming Carwright from his fantasy.

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