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Approaching Hack3r

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1Approaching Hack3r Empty Approaching Hack3r on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:48 pm


An idyllic little English village. Cottages line either side of a narrow road. The approaching darkness is penetrated by hundreds, if not thousands of glistening, blinking lights circling evergreen trees placed at the roadside.

In the distance, we see a man. It is clear that he is urging himself forward, pushing forward through the biting chill in the air. He is wearing a thick parka jacket, large Wellington boats, jeans, mittens and ear muffs. The camera follows this man until he reaches the door of a large, imposing building. Light is irradiating from the windows and the sound of laughter can be heard. A door above the sign reads "The Dog And Duck".

Once in the pub, the man removes his jacket, mittens and ear muffs. After placing them together upon a coat stand, he approaches the bar and pulls up a stool, not stopping to look at the large crowd of men that calling to him. The attractive blonde barmaid sees him and begins to talk to him in a clear south west English accent.

Barmaid: "Didna think I'd seeya here. Y'know it's Christmas eve? What'll it be? Ya usual?"

The man nods solemnly and after a few seconds has a glass of dark liquid pushed in to his hands. He presses the glass to his lips and gulps the drink, finishing it in one fell swoop.

Man: "Another please."

The barmaid nods and takes the glass away to refill it. As she does this, the man reaches in to the pocket of his trousers and pulls out his phone. He looks at the screen, sighs and then places it to his ear.

Man: "Can you please stop calling me? This is the fourth time today. I don't know who you think I am or was but I'm not THAT guy any more. Please stop bothering me."

With anger clearly on his face, the man hangs up and places the mobile back in to his pocket. At this point, a low hum begins to resonate throughout the bar. As the noise gets louder, glasses begin to vibrate and the music coming from the jukebox is completely eclipsed. Seemingly unable to take it any longer, the man rushes to the door and bursts out in to the cold twilight.

The noise is clearly originating from a field behind the pub so the man makes his way tentatively round the side of the building until he is blinded by a light. A spotlight, to be exact. The light is coming from a helicopter that is preparing to land. Raising his arms so as to shield his eyes, the man waits. After what seems like an eternity, the engine begins to slow, having landed successfully. The door of the helicopter is opened and a well dressed, slick looking man steps out in to the cold night air.

The slick gentleman smiles and offers his hand for the confused individual standing opposite.

Man: "I'm Joseph Duplantier. I believe we've spoken, Mr Hacker, is it?"

Tentatively, the man now known as Hack3r takes Joseph's hand and shakes his cautiously.

Hack3r: "That isn't my real name but yeah sure why not?"

Joseph: "Let me cut straight to the point. Thus far, you have rejected my approaches. That's why I've come to you today as in my experience, people find it difficult to say no to me. You see this helicopter?"

He motions over his shoulder and Hack3r nods, hardly able to miss it.

Joseph: "Come work for me and I'll give you enough money to buy five of your own."

Surprise crosses Hack3r's face.

Hack3r: "You're right. It is hard to say no to you, I'm in."

Joseph: "That's the stuff. Here you go."

He tosses something through the night air and Hack3r catches it with great reflexes. The camera zooms in and we can see that it he is holding a set of keys. He appears dumbfounded.

Joseph: "They're for this chopper. Take it. I pre-empted your answer and had a Porsche bought in to the village earlier anyway. We're going to make a lot of money together, you and I. I'll have my assistant send along the details."

Without warning Joseph shakes Hack3r's hand, steps past the silent man and walks off in to the night. Hack3r turns and looks at the helicopter for a couple of seconds before shrugging and stepping towards it. The camera fades.

OOC: Edited with Phen's permission

2Approaching Hack3r Empty Re: Approaching Hack3r on Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:05 pm

Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord
he speaks the truth or else i'd have to cut his dick off and feed it to the pigs

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3Approaching Hack3r Empty Video Surviellance on Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:41 pm

Jacob Aster

The camera beings following a rather excited long red haired and tattooed woman who is almost running and forcing the cameraman to struggle to keep up. The cameraman keeps panning the camera to the left and right and all that is seen is a bunch of doors, much like the doors of a hotel.
The redheaded bombshell then uses a key card to open the door of a room to the right hand side of the hallway, she enters the room with the cameraman in hot pursuit, not wanting to miss anything... she then hands a dvd to Jacob Aster who nods at her as he places the dvd into a player
and uses a black remote to press play. Vixen now sits down on the bed next to Jacob as they both watch the dvd intently, footage of a meeting between Joseph Duplantier and Hacker outside of a pub... they watch for a couple more minutes and then Jacob retrieves the dvd from the player and throws it in the
trash can next to the desk in the room.

Approaching Hack3r 7da291abdb4bc4d12d316787ce009af6

Jacob: "Perks of being a star... never been my strongsuit. Material things are irrelevant... I mean what good do they really do you? Most people who get these gifts from others are lulled into a false sense of security as they are stabbed in the back later by the gift giver."

Vixen stands up from her seat on the bed and removes her light grey hoodie and lays it onto the desk and looks back at Jacob with her big green shining eyes and smiles. Her long red hair glowing almost orange with the lighting of the room, her camoflauge pants, and her lowcut black tank top grab the attention of Jacob.

Jacob: "You know I am going to have to show these people how its done right?"

Vixen nods her head in approval as she begins to take off her boots.

Jacob stands up and rolls down the bedding and stares back at Vixen as he removes his t-shirt... showing off his physique.

Vixen: "Why not make friends with some of these people?"

Jacob: "Thats easy, if they succumb to material things they will succumb to anything... hey cameraman, get out! Me and my young lady have things to do."

With that the cameraman slowly walks backwards and opens the door and leaves the room... the scene fades.

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