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The new id on the block attack #1

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1 The new id on the block attack #1 on Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:40 pm


The lights flash green repeatedly and quickly as a figure appears on the titan tron. He wears a black, shiny hoody which is at the moment covering his face so we do not see his facial appearance, he also wears silver, scaley wrestling tights. The unknown man is holding a python.

???: huh?(sigh) You're probably wondering who I am right now.

The crowd are silent with confusion.

???: Who I am will become clear soon. Oh, I'm going to bring chaos to this company and none of you little mice can do a thing whilst I hide and wait in the bushes of this company. I will blend in and I will be right under your noses ready to coil up and strike. oh, but when I do and I coil around so he can't escape as I slowly swallow him whole. You will know that I have arrived. You don't know when I will first strike or who will be first, second, third but I will show just ... how capable I really am.

The tron flashes off and It's pitch black. After a few moments it flashes back on and there is a man tied to a chair, unconscious with a bag over his head, before the fans could see who it is the medics come rushing in, untie him and take him away quickly. After the man is carried out and as the shot begins to fade to black we can hear a quiet, slow, maniacal laugh.

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