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1MATCHES!!!!!!!111!1ONEONEONE Empty MATCHES!!!!!!!111!1ONEONEONE on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:34 am

Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord
Prototype1 card, airing sunday 22nd. RPs inby saturday at noon

jack ammo vs anthrax
hack3r vs the insane anarchist
violet cross vs arsenic
vivica lockhart vs shaggy 2dope
defjam vs blacklord
executioner of anarchy vs alexander ritter
Eternal Eclipse vs Mr Leo
Mad Dragon vs Lyoto Carvahlo Machida
Sergiu vs bigloser
Cristopher lister vs JR Bonecrusher

PS: i am going to need your pics for your wrestler cards or else you will be assigned a random pic...

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