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Tea Time w/ Eternal Eclipse

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1Tea Time w/ Eternal Eclipse Empty Tea Time w/ Eternal Eclipse on Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:41 am

Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse
*A panoramic camera shot fades in as we see a small room covered with oak wood bookcases lined with books. The only light is from the illuminating fireplace in the center of the shot in the wall. In the corner of the shot is Eternal Eclipse sitting in a very large wooden chair lined with a purple velvet. He is wearing a puffy fur house coat made into a faux snow leopard print. In EE's hand is an ivory cup filled with some kind of steaming beverage. He takes a big whiff of the steam radiating from the mug.*

Eternal Eclipse: Hello ATW universe. I just wanted to personally welcome you to our second season of ATW 2.0.

*EE takes a long sip from his ivory mug.*

Eternal Eclipse: Escobar always makes the best french vanilla cappuccinos. It's a sweet warm miracle running down my throat with each sip.

*Camera zooms in to a full face shot.*

Eternal Eclipse: If you haven't caught on by now, I am speaking ironically. This coffee is s#!t and I could care less what you people think of me.

*The crowd boo's loudly from within the arena. EE continues to keep his humble smile*

Eternal Eclipse: I imagine you are booing me by now. Typical. I eat your peoples dreams for breakfast along with your morals for desert! You people don't scare me.

*The crowd reverts back to silent state*

Eternal Eclipse: For those who don't know. Along with my partner, Executioner of Anarchy, I was able to capture the Double Helix Tag Team championship. Something I could never do with my old partner, Defjam, whom I would also like to welcome back!

*EE takes another sip from his coffee*

Eternal Eclipse: I've never been one to share the glory of prosperity but I think this partnership could work. In fact, I would like to see this take of to the next level. Many others are welcome to join Eternal Anarchy if they so please! This is only the beginning friends. Belts are just a symbol of our greatness. Soon we will become a global phenomenon.

*EE looks off into the distance with a sense of longing. He losses himself momentarily then regains conscious thought.*

Eternal Eclipse: With my parting words, I would like to not only congratulate all the other champions on their victories and the best for everyone in the upcoming season, but...

*EE's maniacal grin glows large and unnerving*

Eternal Eclipse: Give a huge thank you to our loving and supporting GM, Phenom the Vampire Lord.

*He takes one last huge drink from his mug and then dumps the remains on the fire, dousing it, leaving the room entirely dark.*

OOC: I'm proud of this one. I like it a lot

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