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Chaza's Bio

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Wrestlers Name



Chaza's Bio  YTtwq

Wrestler Nick Name

-Wrath of God
-The Summoned Destroyer

Wrestlers Height 6 Foot 7 Inches
Wrestlers Weight 250 Lbs
Wrestlers Age 22
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown


-Chaza's Destroyer
-Chaza's Wrath


-To be decided


-To be decided

Entrance Music

-King of Kings (Manowar)

Short Bio

After AWF demise Chaza life seem to lose its way, he spend most of his time in Bars driking until he past away.One of those nights an unexpected event change his life, he saw a woman dacing on stage and when their eyes meet for the first time somethig chage in Chaza.

He waited all night at the stage door to see this misterious woman, when she finally gets out Chaza approches to her she kiss him with out saying a word, Chaza close her eyes an floated in a wonderfull dream. Her name was Scarlett, from that night on they live together as one. When their life seem to settle, they finally opened their own night club call "Kiss in The Dark". One Night when he least expected he reunite with his old friends and the spark of wrestling was born once again in him.

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