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Violet Cross

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1Violet Cross Empty Violet Cross on Mon May 21, 2012 3:11 am

Nat Nat

Nat Nat
Name : Violet Cross
Alias : Mysteria , Apocalyptica
Age : Unknown
Height : 5ft 8in
Weight : 125 Pounds
Alignment : Tweener

Violet is a cold calculating women , who hides a ruthlessness behind her beauty that would surpass even the most power hungry tyrant .

Seemingly always calm and in control everything she does has a reason and is not prone to random out bursts , when she does speak or act it is wise for people to always watch there back if they have crossed her path .

She will do as she must to further her own needs and if under handed tactics wont work nor subtlety her propensity and skill in the ring will suffice .

She will work with anyone to get what she needs done and never distinquishes between good and evil , her own sense of morality warped and twisted .

Bio : Born the daughter of a cult leader nothing would have been known of Violet if her father hadnt of ordered the killings of influential people opposed to what he saw as the master plan .

When the murders happened public out roar raged and the police knew exactly where to look , her father knowing the game was over ordered his group to commit suicide he along with him , the police found only one survivor , Violet .

Heralded as a unfortunate child and shown much sympathy for what she had to endure , shocked would have been the people if they knew what lurked beneath the surface of the pretty face .

Violet vanished into the system and eventually from the face of the world itself , resurfacing much later in the indie wrestling circuits and illegal bare knuckle boxing arenas .

Her memory scarred from child hood she now had a purpose to resurrect the cult and bring the master plan to fruition , after being offered a place in a pro wrestling roster she saw the perfect breeding ground and accepted without hesitation .

Finisher : Swan Song

Violet Cross Goth_p10

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