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Jack Ammo's back.

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1Jack Ammo's back.  Empty Jack Ammo's back. on Sat May 19, 2012 7:52 pm

Jack Ammo

Jack Ammo
Name:Jack Ammo
Brown hair and eyes
Theme: The diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

when he was a kid he got into the WWF/WWE stuff so him and his friends would wrestle. He Would be the power house. So when he got out of high school he went straight to a few small wrestling Then his carrer really took off when he joined GWA and made a impact after that shut down he was job-less but now a new part of his life is now begining

Jack Ammo's back.  Ellis12

*Updated Biography*

After ATW shutdown Jack Went back to be with his family. Now That ATW 2.0 is here. He is back and better than ever!

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