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The Rage Of Rick

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1The Rage Of Rick Empty The Rage Of Rick on Wed May 16, 2012 1:30 pm


Name: Rick Rage

Alias : King Ding Dong , War And Peace , Dirk Decadence

Height: 6 ft 7in

Weight: 245 Pounds

Alignment : Tweener

Bio : Not much is known of Rick's past , though some have stated seeing him wrestling under a few different names and they remember those names for the violence and bloodshed they brought to the ring .

A warped individual Rick has no sense of right and wrong , relying on his instincts to guide him , everything he does has a purpose and only serves to meet his needs and wants .

Seemingly unafraid of pain , Rage carries the scars of a mysterious past on his body , medals to battles fought and won , he is extremly difficult to intimadate with violence , though some have hinted at a childhood fear that has never faded , this was noted by one spectator when Rage fought a wrestler dressed as a clown and ran under the ring to hide .

The last match anyone can recall possibly seeing him participate in was the razor blade cage match , a violent and bloody battled ensued , whereby Rage slammed his oponant into the cage side , slicing open his cartoid artery , resulting in the bleeding to death in the middle of the ring , after being cleared of charges Rick withdrew into seclusion .

Now he is back , he has a purpose that remains obscured to most but in his mind is crystal clear , a fear of chill must run through his oppanants to come , he killed one wrestler in the ring already , would there be another victim .

Trademarks : Modified Two Handed Face Buster
Modified Face Slam
Modified Double Underhook

Finisher's : Last Rite's

Lifts [nome] onto his soldier's in a firemans carry position , bracing his knees he then throw's [nome] over his head
as [nome] falls face first to the mat Rage bring's his knee crashing up into [nome] face

Swan Song

Charges at [nome] as he near's he jumps high into the air raising both knees
he crashes with intense force into [nome] head

Taunt : Inner Rage

Throws his head back and lets out a primal scream while pounding his chest with both fists

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