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The One and Only Action

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1The One and Only Action Empty The One and Only Action on Fri May 11, 2012 3:36 am


Bio: Action was born Chris Jackson in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He lived a fairly privileged life where everything was given to him. If it wasn't he was quick to temper and beat what he wanted from kids his own age and even a couple years older than him. One day while surfing the channels on his big screen TV he came across a wrestling show. For four years he watched and emulated the greats of the time. He bought videos of old wrestling shows loving the work and lives of the 4 Horsemen and of couse the work of fellow Canadian Bret Hart. But with liking the technical aspects of Bret and Ric he also enjoyed the brutality of Demolition and the speed of Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka. He began training to be a wrestler at 16 in the Ottawa Valley Wrestling Association and by the age of 18 was a multi time champ. He soon left for the TWG to begin wrestling on a bigger stage. Though in TWG he made only a small impact not winning many titles and wasn't seen as much of a prospect. CAJ was given his first real chance to become big the wrestling business in ACW where he met Mr. Vain and GTD and soon became a part of the Vanity Express. In ACW he was also a perfect 2 - 0 until the company dissolved. After ACW dissolved he came to the newly formed CWA. when Vain, Action and Gaz were all a part of CWA roster VE reformed and has since formed a friendship and tag team with Elimedge. Elimedge left CWA after many seasons with CWA and Action formed a new alliance with Jason Las Vegas as the Pit Bosses and became CWA Tag Team Champion. Though being Tag Champ and VGM many people in CWA disliked him still and was soon injured by the hands of rival Sheldon "The Prophet" Theisen. He left CWA to take some time off. During his time off he was contacted by T-Wolf, a man who he respects for his pure techinacal skill in the ring even though they have had their disputes in the past, about coming to GWA. He took the offer and has since added 3 World Title reigns to his resume.

He then took a leave of absence from GWA and when returned he was part of CiR where with fellow former CWA wrestlers Jason Las Vegas, GaZZuM and T-Riggs was part of the Foundation the most dominant stable and first Stable Champions of CiR. Upon CiR's closing Action moved from fed to fed never finding a true home until he was offered a contract from a former fed-mate Phenom to come to ATW.

Wrestler Name: Chris "Action" Jackson
Wrestler Nickname: The Action, CAJ, The Attr-Action, The Greatest Attr-Action in Wrestling
Wrestler Level: 20
Wrestler Type: Balanced
Wrestler Height: 6'2
Wrestler Weight: 230
Wrestler Age: 50(?)(in game) Age used in fed: 44
Face or Heel: Heel in the past. Currently going face leaning tweener
Wrestler Attitude: Cocky, Arrogant, Egotistical, as a face still has great confidence but a little less ego driven and more driven by putting on a great show
Picture: see avatar
Entrance Video: Face: Life's Been Good by Joe Walsh (
Heel: Action by Def Leppard
Tag Team Partner in this fed: none
Tag Team Name in this fed: none
Tag Team Entrance: none
Willing to Tag: definatly
Wrestler's Style: All around good wrestler, a few power moves a couple submissions mixed in with some high flying moves and brawler attacks and you get the Action

Wrestler appearance: Has black styled hair and usually wears a leather jacket (of varying colours depending on how he is feeling) with the letters CAJ or Kings of Chaos on the back in red outlined in gold and a small red maple leaf on the right arm. He wears faded jeans and expensive running shoes. Under the jacket he usually wears a white Action merchandise shirt. He is also known to wear high class black pinstripe business suits when he wants to be more formal. Wrestles in the jeans and shoes and has red tape on his wrists. The only time he is seen without his custom black with gold frame aviators is when he is wretling.

Your RP Ability: 4, 5 on a good day
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: of course.

Finishers: Canadian Crisis: Chris "Action" Jackson lifts the opponent into a torture rack and flips the opponent 's legs up while grabbing the opponent 's upper body spiking the opponent 's head on the mat (Burning Hammer, Direct Damage)

Cutthroat Canadian Crisis: Chris "Action" Jackson crosses one of the opponent's arms across his throat then lifts him into a torture rack
and flips the opponent's legs up while grabbing the opponent's upper body and falls to a seated position spiking the opponent's head between his legs(Psycho Driver III, DD)

Canadian Crisis 3: Chris "Action" Jackson hits a high knee then lifts the opponent into a torture rack
and spins him off his shoulders dropping the opponent in front of himself as he drops to his knees slamming the opponent on the back of his neck and shoulders and proceeds to pin him (torture rack sheerdrop powerbomb aka sheerdrop towerhacker bomb, pin)

Fatal Attr-action (Modified Rocket Launcher, submission)
15 Minutes of Fame (Modified Piledriver?, DD)
Northern Exposure (Modified Samoan Driver, DD)

Chris "Action" Jackson Flexs And Tightens His Abs And Points To Them executing The Action-tastic Abs
Chris "Action" Jackson Places His Hand On His Heart And Starts To Sing executing The Canadian Anthem

Catch Phrase: (Phenomenal refers to old tag team - might still use them though)
"(insert somebody he just beat or a woman) just learned where the (Phenomenal) Action is, and soon so will all of you!"
"Action 3:16, says I just stole your girl."(Old and not used often)
"Thats Action-tastic!"
"You'll find out where the (Phenomenal) Action truly lies!"
"I(we) am where the (Phenomenal) Action truly lies!"
"Jackson's 3rd Law states that for every Action there are people who are jealous of the Action"
"I am the main man and that is why everyone wants a piece of the Action"
"You've got to recognize my superiority and that is why (insert other catchphrase)"
"I've got what everyone wants, satisf-Action guarenteed!"

Also on another note I am not going to be a full time rper. Just don't have the time to do this along with my s3 fed which I am a little more into as I still very much enjoy s3 where s1 feels almost like a job for me. That being said if someone needs a character to feud with I am granting the fed permission to use me as needed but please stay within what the character is (arrogant ass - more often than not - who is very high on himself and his country (Canada) can be played either face or heel depending on who he is feuding with) If you want to use him and don't know how he would react shoot me a pm in game and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with some advice.

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