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Naven's Prophecy

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1 Naven's Prophecy on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:52 am

The camera glooms in pure darkness in the room as no one is in sight. Then, an errie voice lingers in the distance....

Voice: Every life has a price, and that price is death, but it all depends how you end up there...

Lights flicker in the room which reveals a person sittng on a chair, the man continues

Man: In my life I've witness a lot of torture and pain, but now I see the light, for I see things that have yet not been seen

The lights become more clearer as the man is no other "The Renegade" Naven X...

Naven X: In my vision, i saw the comming of something great, something that could help this company or hurt it, not only will it shock the company it will shock the ATW world!,and her time is near.

the light begin to get dim as naven ends by saying

Naven X:My word is pure, Quoth the Renegade..nevermore!

the lights go out

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