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The Mafia's Big Intro

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1 The Mafia's Big Intro on Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:40 am

The crowd is in a frenzy after an amazing match. They hear semi automatic gun shots echo throughout the arena. They wonder whose going to make there way to the ring now.

Ghost: What was that it was so random. I like it though.

Danielson: Of course you would you like fake pyro. So, to you this is amazing too.

Ghost: Whatever bud. Your still upset about me replacing you in PentaKill.

Before anything else can be said. The sound of the semi automatic is heard again. The crowd is in a complete awe. Waiting and wanting to know what or who is causing this. Seconds flash by when a song hits the speakers of the arena

A Cadillac Escalade drives into the area and stops by the stage. The driver comes out and opens the first door. Out comes Ghetto Blaster. He then goes around the other side, Out comes William Bergeron.

Ghost: The Mafia seems to like making big intros. It doesn't imprss me much. I want to see them wrestling.

They begin to walk towards the ring, but stop at the beginning of the entrance. They perform a taunt togther as sparks of golden fireworks land by the stage. They continue down towards the ring. They both pick up a microphone waiting for them on the stairs. They enter the ring, and head towards separate ring posts. William Bergeron performs the Shine Of The Golden Eagle while Ghetto Blaster performs Gove Over. They return to the middle of the ring.

Will Bergeron: Helllo ATW Universe. How are you all doing tonight.

Crowd: BOOOO!!!! Shut Up!!!

Will Bergeron: Why are you guys booing us. You don't even know us yet. Let me introduce us. First, am WIlliam Bergeron. And this is my partner and friend Ghetto Blaster. We are known as The Mafia.

Crowd: Borrrring, Borrring.

Will Bergeron: You know what, you guts are screwed in the head. Are you sure your not mindwashed by the GM of this federation. I wouldn't doubt it, you will follow anybody that is smarter then you. Just Kidding guys. Your not getting to me or Ghetto.

Crowd: Go Back Home. Losers Losers

Will Bergeron: Am done talking to you useless fans. We are here and we are here to stay.

Ghetto Blaster taps William to tell him he gots this. William back up and lets Ghetto take the stage

(occ. Take it from here GB, I hope this was a good tweener rp. I doubt it tho. Oh i will be inserting The Mafias theme music later)

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2 Re: The Mafia's Big Intro on Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:12 am

Ghetto grabs the mic

Ghetto: Now you can boo me or cheer me it doesn't make a difference we are here for one thing and one thing only total control of the tag belts.( crowd starts chanting " where are the girls " ) I take you have heard of us before I'm here for business people know i have a gold lust and its time to take all the gold here. So all the Champs in the back shine up those belts we will be coming to get them shortly.

Will grabs the Ghetto shoulder and takes the mic from him.

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3 Re: The Mafia's Big Intro on Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:37 am

William Bergeron takes a look at the crowd and smiles.

Will Bergeron: Let me correct my partner. Look out competitors, we are the only ones qualified enough to wear gold around here. We are done talking now though. Bring out the first victim on our hit list. Cause when the Mafia fights we will see that you will go swimming with the fishes

William Bergeron drops the mic and prepares for the upcoming match.

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